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Thank you for supporting our in-service time this week. We had two busy and productive days. Just photos to share this week– enjoy!

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Curriculum for Young Children

When you hear the word "curriculum" you probably think of something like a high school or college syllabus: a plan for a specific subject describing what should be learned and how. For elementary school students many of us probably think of the Common Core standards, which outline how students should learn math and language arts from Kindergarten through eighth grade. But a young child (infant to age 5, for our purposes) is very different from, say, a sixth grader in terms of how she is growing and developing in all domains: cognitive, social emotional, language and literacy, and physical. An infant will not sit and repeat the alphabet after you because it wouldn't make any sense for his stage of literacy and cognitive development (though he will listen curiously and eventually join in if you sing it as a song!). Our job as teachers is to facilitate an environment, relationships, and activities that support learning appropriate to our children's developmental stage,…