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Town Meeting and Behavior/Development Series

Town Meeting Day Please remember that we will be closed on Town Meeting Day which is Tuesday March 3rd. We will re-open on Wednesday the 4th.
Why do we close for this day? Town Meeting Day is an important part of our state's heritage and our chance to add to our voices to the business of our towns. In closing this day, we allow staff to attend their town meetings, and hope that parents are able to bring their children along to their meetings as well. Talking about Town Meeting Day is a great way to introduce the topics of citizenship and civic engagement to your children. Need some background? Check out these resources:
-Brief Town Meeting overview from the Vermont League of Cities and Towns -"Town Meeting Day, A Vermont Tradition." This is a publication from the Vermont Secretary of State's office. Intended as a teacher's guide and for middle school students, this is a nice reference for understanding the history, traditions, and purpose of the day. An easy and inte…

This Week: Classroom Aesthetic, Potty Training and MVS Composting

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, MVS is now composting! We are talking with the children about composting, and guiding the older students through separating out food scraps at snack and meal times. You may have already noticed the large composting buckets in each of the classrooms.

We'd like to send a huge shout out to MVS parent Micah Greene, who is aiding in the effort by collecting our school's scraps and adding them to the compost pile at Stowe Elementary School. Micah and his students were recently featured in The Stowe Reporter for their work on recycling and compost initiatives. Read the full article here.

Intentional Environments: Atmosphere, Materials and Aesthetic in the Early Childhood Classroom
Keeping on our "art" theme from last week, we dive into another closely related topic: beauty and design in the classroom environment. 

To the untrained eye, early ed classrooms might strike folks as all the same: tables for eating, …

Happy Valentine's Day!

Closed for Presidents Day
Please remember that we're closed on Monday February 16th for Presidents Day. We will reopen on Tuesday the 17th.

Part I...Pre-K at PLAY: Helen Day Art Center's New Exhibit, is all of our Favorite Things!
On Thursday the Pre-K class bundled up and braved the weather for a special visit to the Helen Day Art Center here in Stowe. The purpose of their trip was to see and explore the center's new exhibit called, "Play." The focus of the show is to "feature artists who embody aspects of play in their work. It also examines play as an action or as an inherent part of being human." ( The video below is a time lapse of the exhibit set up:

The students really became part of the displays and installations as they infused their own sense of play into the space. Check out some of the amazing photos for a glimpse into their experience.

We've previously looked at the importance of play here in the newsletter, and the visual arts …

Handbook, Survey, and So Much More!

Presidents Day Please remember we are closed on Monday February 16th for Presidents Day, we will reopen the next day, Tuesday the 17th. Thank you.
Parent/Family Handbook and Survey This week you'll have found the updated Parent and Family Handbook in your child's cubby, along with the survey we mentioned last week. Please note, we have extended the due date for the family survey to give folks a little more time. They are now due on Friday February 13th. (spooky huh?!?) Thanks once again for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. 
We ask that you give the handbook a thorough read when you are able. A lot of time is spent constructing the guide, and we hope it offers more insight into who we are as a school community, helps explain our philosophy, and clarifies our policies and procedures. If anything in the handbook needs further explanation, please do not hesitate to ask questions. So cozy up to the handbook with a mug of cocoa, a few extra logs in the wood sto…