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Nutrition Edition!

Today, nutrition is the today's newsletter, we'll take a slightly different format and devote our time to multiple issues related to eating.

Our Mealtime Philosophy
As adults, it's widely understood that sitting down and sharing a delicious and thoughtfully prepared meal is one of life's real joys. Breaking bread together is a way humans have connected with one another for thousands of years. In short, while meals nourish the body, they in many ways nourish the spirit as well. 

Our belief is that we should teach children to have the same type of appreciation for mealtimes, and hold them in high regard. Here are just a few of the important aspects of snack and lunch time here at school:

We treat food respectfully. We avoid throwing food or intentionally dropping/spilling our meals.We do however, understand that messes are a natural part of eating as toddlers and young children learn to use cups and utensils properly. If we spill, we clean up after ourselves. A…

We're Going on a Bear Hunt...

We hope you had a wonderful week, here's the news from Mountain Village School.

*Next week's issue will be focused on nutrition!

Nature Corner
Activity: Let me explore all that interests me while outdoors with you. I might have a lot of questions about what I see. You don't have to need to have all the answers. We can think about it and wonder together.
Why?: Exploring and figuring things out both on my own and with your guidance creates greater learning than just being given information. 

Classroom Happenings
Infant I: On Thursday and Friday we had afternoons where the entire class spent time outside. This time was wonderful; the babies loved exploring together and investigating the grass. We have lots of solid food eaters in the class, and it seems like every day we grow and develop new skills. We continue to work on being gentle and aware of others around us. A note for parents: Please be sure to label food containers and lids, so we can be sure they make it back to you. Than…

Another Week at MVS!

It's been a very busy week here at Mountain Village School, here's the long and short of it...

Upcoming Nutrition Issue
Another reminder, this month we will feature a newsletter focusing on entirely on nutrition. If you have recipes, tips, or other ideas to contribute, let us know at

The Throws of Summer, and Those Pesky Ticks!
As the beautiful stretch of weather continues expect that we will be spending as much time out of doors as possible (And, on second thought, we'l be out even when it's not so beautiful too!)

While ticks can hop a ride onto a human anywhere, many of the children in the upstairs classrooms venture out into wild areas multiple times a week, so it is a good practice to give your children a daily once over to check for ticks. 

In the past, ticks have not been a major problem in our state, but in recent years ticks in Vermont have become more common. Here's a helpful guide to these pests from the Vermont Department of H…

Fame! Communication! And all the news that's fit to print...

Almost Famous
This week the children of the Pre-K class became local media sensations as a picture of their epic walk made The Stowe Reporter. In case you hadn't heard, the kids trekked to the Rec Path, then continued on their way to the Swimming Hole, and back, with stops for both morning snack and lunch. 

Upcoming Nutrition Issue
In the month of July, we will have entire newsletter that focuses on the topic of nutrition! Do you have any recipes that your children can't get enough of? Have a hot tip on where to get farm fresh fruits and veggies on the cheap? Share, share, share! We would love your thoughts, suggestions and questions for our upcoming nutrition issue. E-mail us:, and of course, stay tuned!

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Effective Communication with Young Children
Communication. When exactly did it become so tricky? In our working lives, or personal relationships we find ourselves decoding or trying to "translate" th…