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Almost Turkey Time! (Or Tofurkey Time)

A slightly abridged version of our newsletter this week as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you are staying local or heading out to visit far away family, we wish you and your children a safe and spirited holiday. 

Classroom Happenings
Infant I: The start of the week was a great opportunity for the younger children to spend a longer amount of time outside as the weather was pleasant and enjoyable. We realize it's now a whole different climate out there, but Monday and Tuesday were a real treat for the babies!

Infant II: It has probably caught your eye already, but there is a new climbing structure in the Infant II room. It's even equipped with a slide! This has been a fantastic addition to the classroom environment and the kids are already trying to figure out how to get to the very top. 

Toddler I: Before the snow fell, the outdoor activity of choice was pinecone collection. The children would comment after picking up the pinecones that they had "sticky hands&q…

We Can Do It!

Winter's chill is most certainly here, and there are few things more dreaded than layer upon layer of clothing. Perhaps you remember the beloved movie, A Christmas Story, where Ralph's younger brother had all sorts of winter wardrobe malfunctions. BUT, the challenges that accompany cold weather clothing can also bring along big feelings of success for the children. 

As a way of fostering independence, getting dressed is part of our day where we really encourage the children to be as self sufficient as they are able to be. This means tackling tricky boot straps and keeping at it when those snow pants end up inside out and backwards. In other words, the mantra is "we can do it" and reiterating this at drops offs, pick ups and even at home, is just another way to support your child's growth!

Thanks for Giving Thanks to your donations and the dedicated MVS "Pie Making Squad," this morning we were able to drop off a variety of pies to the Lamoille Food Share. A…

Snow, Glorious Snow….

There is something to be said about the wonder of experiencing the first real snowfall of the season while surrounded by young children. In brief, it's just plain magic. While last Friday the students saw the first glimpses of winter, this week the weather became all the more real, with big fluffy snowflakes, snow beneath our boots, and of course, an icicle taste test. 

General Announcements:
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as a reminder, we will be closed on Thursday November 27th and Friday the 28th. We hope you enjoy the holiday!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the teachers of MVS will have a volunteer day together where they will prepare pies to donate to the Lamoille Community Food Share. There's two ways that you can get involved, and we sure would LOVE your help! 1). Make a pie at home and bring it to school. Label it with all the ingredients and baking instructions, and we'll bring it along on behalf of MVS. 2). Make a donation of pie supplies! Check out S…

Welcome to our Newsletter!

So we begin with the very first edition of the Mountain Village School Newsletter. Our hope is to bring you a weekly wrap up of the happenings in each of the classrooms, and give a better understanding of the all that goes on during your child's day. Additionally, this is a great way for teachers to have another space for announcements and reminders. 

We will strive for this newsletter to take a weekly format, with the link to this blog arriving in your email inbox each Friday or Saturday.

Let's get started...

Halloween Parade a Graveyard Smash
Our Halloween parade was an outstanding success. Thank you to all of the parents and families who came out to march along with us, or visit on the parade route. This was our farthest parade to date, as all the children made it the whole way down Depot Street. Talk about community! 

General Announcements
Please remember that we are closed in observance of Veteran's Day this Tuesday, November 11th. Thank you.

Chilly weather = More clothes. I…