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Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all enjoying your time home with your families. Thank you for your understanding as we close the school for a full week. I know all of the teachers were looking forward to a well-deserved vacation, I hope you all are too! Make sure to get out and enjoy the snow!

I also want to thank all of you for your generosity and thoughtfulness this holiday season. It turns out we have some exceptional bakers among us. From all of the teachers to you, we greatly appreciate it!

Thank you also to everyone that came to the Solstice Stroll. It was our 4th Stroll and it was the biggest by far!

Classroom updates:

Infant I
This week we spent lots of time outside! We've all been getting more comfortable walking, crawling, and sliding on the snow and ice. It's a cold slippery surface and our boots and snowsuits feel pretty different on our bodies, so there are lots of things to consider! We also welcomed a new child to our classroom and have enjoyed getting to know her…
Reminder: The Solstice Stroll is happening this Wednesday at 5:45 pm. We will meet on the stairs in front of town hall. 

We are closed for the week of December 26th. The school will reopen on January 2nd. 
Winter Now is Here
As you all know, we are a nature-based school. We spend a considerable amount of time outdoors each day. We truly believe that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. What we wear can make a big difference in our comfort levels. We do have our limits, we stayed indoors on Friday as the temps were below 0 F for the majority of the day. Our infants and toddlers will stay indoors if the temperatures are below 15 F. Our cutoff for the preschool children is usually 5 degrees, unless there is severe wind which sometimes keeps us stuck inside.

We want your children to be comfortable while playing outside. We have witnessed the difference in their engagement in play when they are properly layered compared to when they are not. The most important pieces for cold weather …
Classroom Happenings
Infant I:This week one of our children moved into the neighboring classroom. We miss him already and wish him well! The rest of us have been settling further into our routines, with a couple of the younger children becoming very consistent in their napping schedules. Everyone is working on their own special skills, from eating with a spoon, getting in and out of chairs on their own, learning to crawl or walk, or using new words. A popular activity has been rolling the balls and wooden rings all over the room, followed by chasing after them (of course!). A couple of reminders for families: 1. Please be sure to check the fridge for any food at the end of the day, and take leftovers home. 2. We are trying to get outdoors as much as possible, so please be sure your child has appropriate boots and clothing. Thanks!

Infant II: We continued our color explorations this week, with green on Wednesday, and orange coming up on Friday. We are working on self help skills, especia…
Community Updates and Lantern Parade

There are several events happening in town today!
First, beginning at 4:00 pm Willem Lange will be reading his book, Favor Johnson, at the library. It begins at 4:00 pm and is a family friendly event with snacks.

The Lantern Parade will be starting at Stowe Elementary School at 4:30 pm. We ask that you meet us at the parade by 5:00 pm to collect your children. At that point, we will be at the tree lighting on the Village Green.

Finally, we were invited to decorate a tree at Helen Day this year. Several of the preschool children went to the art center to work on ornaments and decorate the tree. The opening will be taking place this evening from 5-8 pm and is a family event with refreshments. Please stop by and take a look, the trees are fantastic! 

Classroom Happenings
Infant I: You may have noticed a couple of furniture additions to our classroom this week: a small, round table with chairs and a low light table. Very exciting for children and teachers …