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February 25, 2017

News and Reminders

We have a parent potluck coming up on Thursday, March 16th at 6:00 pm. There will be a Parent Collaboration Committee Meeting directly after. If there are specific topics you'd like to discuss or learn about at the potluck please let me know! Your input would be really helpful.

Classroom Updates

Infant I: Lots of our play this week has been centered around balls, especially the white whiffle balls that can frequently be seen rolling around our room. Their plastic surface makes them nice and bouncy, and the holes are just the right size for our little fingers to grasp them. They also make a fascinating sound when rolling around in a metal bowl? We teachers have also been thinking about how best to support the gradual development of self-soothing skills, which is an important component of independence in our room. Families, we would love more family pictures for the wall. We love to talk about moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and family pets!

Infant II: This week we…

February 17, 2017

News and Reminders:

We are always trying to reduce the amount of waste we are producing here at school. If you could send your child's lunches and snack in reusable containers instead of plastic bags and tinfoil we would greatly appreciate it! We make the effort to wash and reuse the bags and tinfoil but reusable containers go a lot further, and save you money. Please consider making the switch. Empty containers left over from hummus, yogurt, or jams make great snack and lunch containers. You don't have to spend money buying new containers, just reuse! 
Bev Bos
“Rich childhood play is the only secure foundation from which children should enter into the future.” (Bev Bos: 1934-2016)
I first listened to Bev Bos speak when I was about 18 years old. I attended a conference with my mom in Massachusetts and watched as Bev showed pictures of children immersed in sand (in the classroom!) and talked passionately about the importance of allowing children to lose themselves in play. 
Bev Bos…
News and Reminders

Dad's night out this Thursday, February 16th 6:30 pm at Doc Ponds!

Mom's night out this Friday, February 17th 6:00 pm at Cork!

MVS Family Social Saturday, February 18th 9-12 at Stowe Elementary School Gym.

Thank You As of this February, Carly has been a part of Mountain Village School for 4 years. We love and appreciate her every single day. We wanted to share and celebrate her time with us with you! Our teachers at MVS are incredibly important. We wouldn't be who we are without them. Thank you Carly, for all of your years of hard work and dedication to the children, the families, and our program. We truly appreicate you and can't wait to spend more time with you!

Classroom Updates

Infant I
We have had a lot of changes this week as we had two new children join us and had a few different teachers pop in and out. For the most part we proved to be pretty adaptable to different faces and routines, and we loved the new songs and games that came into the room…


News and Updates
Parent Collaboration Committee: MVS Family Social on February 18th from 9:00 -12:00 am at the Stowe Elementary School Gym. We will have bounce houses and an activity area for the younger children. You bring your water bottles and snacks. You are welcome to donate $5 - $10 to support MVS projects. 
Dad's Night Out!! Thursday, February 16th at 6:30 pm at Doc Ponds. I've heard it is a good time, don't miss it.
Here at Mountain Village School, we value independence. We encourage self-reliance in all of our children. We feel that self-reliance is important because it allows children feel competent, in control, and proud of themselves. We truly believe in encouraging interdependence, not dependence. We often will encourage children to ask one another for help with a button in the back of their painting smock or if they've lost something asking a peer to help them search the cubbies. At all times we are considering how to make a child feel that th…