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Bright and Beautiful Summer

Reminder: Closed Monday 7/4
A reminder that school is closed on Monday in observance of Independence Day. We will reopen the following day and look forward to seeing you and your children! 

Additionally, the newsletter will take the weekend off for the 4th, to get that Uncle Sam costume in order, naturally. That beard takes time people. :)

Solstice Stroll
We had another beautiful day carved out on Friday for our first summer Solstice Stroll. We met at Town Hall and headed down the new stairway to march on the Rec Path. The children were happy to run at top speed (making it more of a Solstice Sprint...) and wave their ribbon sticks. At the top of the Quiet Path we did a quick rehearsal, then got right to our performance of "You Are My Sunshine" and "Mr. Golden Sun." The adults helped out as we tried a new song, a silly version of Pete Seeger (and later John Denver's) "Garden Song." There was lots of fun and frolicking to be had and we enjoyed having everyo…

MVS Celebrates our First Graduating Class, 6/17/16

Happy Graduation!
What a beautiful day to celebrate our graduates and send them off to Kindergarten. Friday's festivities included poetry, a reading of All the World from the Preschool class and performances by the graduates. After receiving their diplomas, there was plenty of time to run, play and enjoy a little homemade ice cream. We want to thank all of you who came out to enjoy the afternoon; it was incredible to see so many members of the MVS community out to support these kids. Congrats, we will truly miss you when you're gone!

We'll have a few more snapshots of the big day for you next week!

Classroom Happenings
Infant I: We welcomed another student this week, and overall our room has been a place of transition as we go from being an older group to a younger one. Our main focus has been trying to figure out schedules that work best for all of the children in the room. We will be changing our notebook format going forward. Once children are at the point where they are ea…

Moving, Changing, Growing

Closed Tomorrow for In-Service
A reminder that we will be closed tomorrow (Monday 6/13) for an in-service day. During this time, many teachers will be working on their first-aid re-certification as well as organizing their classroom spaces and swapping/changing out classroom materials. Another group of teachers will head to Shelburne Farms for the "In Bloom Vermont" conference, which focuses on best practices in early childhood education. We will have a lot to report next week so stay tuned. Thank you for your continued support of these vital in-service days, they allow for ongoing professional development, learning, and time to further improve our school's program. 

Friday: Celebrating our Pre-K Students
On Friday (6/17) will have an early closure at 4:30 pm to prepare for the graduation ceremony for our Pre-K students who are moving on to kindergarten. You and your children are welcome to join us for this event which will start around 5. We hope to see you there to give t…

Our Old Friend Summer

It's All Here...
The week gone past has been filled with sun, warmth, and the the feeling that our long lost friend, summer, is here to stay. The children have been in the thick of the changes that surround them in their play: from the leafier trees and pleasant shade to the reintroduction of water play, or presence of insects (some friendlier than others; consensus seems to have been built that black flies are a definitive foe). Here are just a few moments to savor from our recent time on the back playground:

Water, water everywhere: A run through the sprinkler is a pretty quintessential summer memory for many of us. Here at school we've been strapping on our water shoes and expertly giving that sprinkler a go. Now, I'm here to say, there is a method to the sprinkler that the children are beginning to master. In the excitement and joy of the cool water, along with closed eyes and lots of children, collisions and slips and trips can be a regular occurrence. But with a little…