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The Magic of Mud aka, "The Mud Edition"

As the season begins to turn, and the weather goes along with it, we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk about all of the benefits of outdoor play in all conditions. We'll call it "The Mud Edition."

These days, we often find ourselves a bit wet and muddy after time spent on our playground; but what's more is that we've also had some pretty epic adventures along the way, adventures that set the stage for ongoing learning and development.

Getting wet and muddy is a natural and expected part of springtime in Vermont. We believe playing in the varied and ever-changing elements of the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children, and not just because it's really fun. There is a wealth of research in the field that documents not only the benefits of active, nature-based play, but specifically, play that involves getting muddy, sandy, wet, and just plain dirty. 
Here's a few things we know about playin'…

Spring has Sprung...Sort of!

Happy "Spring." We welcome the change in seasons and hope for warmer weather in the days to come. We stumbled across this passage in the Spring edition of the Long Trail News, a quarterly publication put out by the Green Mountain Club in Waterbury Center, and thought it was fitting: "Spring in Vermont is contrary, the adolescent of the seasons. We suffer from growing pains, gathering hope from differing icicles and a few glimpses of bare ground, only to be thrown by the unexpected blizzard into a midwinter's gloom. Then everything happens at once."
-Reeve Lindberg and Richard Brown, View from the Kingdom

Well, here's hoping. And now on to this week's news.
Behavior and Development Series, Part III: Coaching Children Means Clear and Compassionate Communication
You'll have to forgive the rather alliterative title, but all of those words were incredibly accurate! If you've been reading over the last few weeks, you'll remember we focused on understa…

Lightning Fast News!

A very abridged newsletter this week, we've been busy as bees here at MVS. Instead, we'll offer you some photos to tell our story!

Next week we'll be back in action with:

1. Part III of our series on Behavior and Development

2. Details from Sarah's trip to Early Childhood Day at the Legislature; Sarah spoke on a panel called, "What's Working in Early Childhood Across Vermont" 

3. Our usual "Classroom Happenings"

Special Note: As the weather begins to change and become more springlike, do send Tuffo suits or other waterproof gear along for your children. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend! -Sam 

As Seen at MVS

Spring Ahead!

If you're like us, you've certainly been happy about a little extra light toward day's end. Don't forget to spring forward on Sunday and set your clocks one hour ahead.

Name our Birdhouse
The warmer, sunnier days mean we have started to welcome back some of our feathered friends. The front playground has been a popular place for visiting birds, and they are enjoying the covered bridge birdhouse and feeder. We're looking for a name for this unique spot, so calling all clever wordsmiths: We'd love your suggestions. If your child does not spend a lot of time on the front playground, perhaps point out the feeder in your comings and goings and see what they have to say. Send us your ideas!

Behavior and Development Series, Part II: Essential Life Skills In Part I of this series, we examined some of the social and emotional development that occurs in the lives of young children. This week, we will follow up with the second objective:
2. Identifying the life skills childre…