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School Bus

News and Reminders: We are closed on August 10th and 11th for in-service.

Our School Bus! Have you seen our school bus yet? You really can't miss it. We have finally started using it at school. We brought it on it's very first field trip to the Enchanted Playground at the Mountain and then to Cotton Brook. To say the children were excited would be an understatement. 
We started our field trips with just a small crew of some of the older children. We will start including more children as we (the teachers) get more and more comfortable with traveling and locations. We also are having a lot of conversations with the children about having good behavior in order to go on field trips. We want to make sure that when we head off campus the children know what is expected. Listening, following directions, being polite, regulating our bodies, and positively interacting with one another are all skills that the children are working hard to master. 

Classroom Updates

Infant I
This week our roo…

July 21, 2017

News and Reminders: Thank you to those of you that were able to make it to our Parent Potluck on Thursday. A reminder that they are on our school calendar so please feel free to join us for any of the scheduled meetings.

Kitchen News: This week for lunch we tried a new recipe for zucchini pancakes. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  We also had treid out mac and cheese with butternut squash, it was delicious. We also enjoyed a snack of mango popsicles one hot afternoon.

We would like to thank Luzsa and her Mom for bringing their baby ducklings to school for a visit last week. We had a wonderful time meeting them, practicing being careful, and talking about what we really loved about them.

Classroom Updates
Infant I
Another calm and quiet week for us. It has been nice to be able to slow down and focus on little things like using utensils to eat and mimicking all sorts of sounds. All of our children have also been challenging themselves physically this week, whether by climbing to new …