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Halloween Parade on Monday
We'll be heading out on our Halloween parade on Monday morning leaving from the MVS parking lot at 10. Parents and families are welcome to join us from the start or meet us along the route as we travel up Depot St. We will change in and out of costumes at school, so if your child will be wearing a costume, pack it with their regular school bag that morning. 

2nd Annual Stick Season Social  Join us for an afternoon of outdoor fun, food, music, and community to celebrate the season! Saturday, November 5th , 2 – 5 pm, Rain date: Sunday, November 6th. See you there!
Touch a Truck & Bounce HouseHomemade Chili Cook-Off Music & DancingRaffle: Win Four Seasons-Boston getaway & Ski Package, including children ’s all-season ski rental NEW MVS Gear Suggested Donation: $20 per family includes food & activities Classroom Happenings Infant I: This week the children spent time finger painting. They worked with primary colors, but also mixed colors to make bot…
Classroom Happenings
Infant I: The younger infants have found more of a rhythm in terms of their sleeping and eating schedules. They seem much more content, alert and ready to explore when they are awake. We've observed an increased confidence in all types of movement among the older infants. Along with this has been been an attentiveness to listening and sound in general. Ways we have been exploring sound include: banging our metal pail around, scraping wooden toys against the grate which surrounds our heater, carrying shakers and rattles, and spending lots of time with our crinkly cloth books. 

Infant II: This week we focused on the skill of using utensils. We worked especially hard on this when our food really necessitated a spoon, like when eating yogurt. In the morning time we have been working hard on puzzles, the children focus on this task and work hard to turn and position each piece in the correct spot. This week we have also spent more time with our books. Group stories a…
Reminder: Closed Tomorrow, 10/14
Another reminder that we are closed tomorrow for teacher in-service. We'll see you on Monday!

More on Marshmallows, Part II on Self-Regulation
In last week's newsletter we touched on the experiment known as the "marshmallow test" which deals with with concepts of self-regulation and delayed gratification in children, and eventually, adults. Writing about the test and reflecting on what to write in this week's follow up really got me to thinking about something that we are all being exposed to, that is if we feel like doing any kind of reading, radio-listening or television watching, and that is the ultra-saturation of "news" regarding the current election season. In our geographic region, we are unlucky enough to be hit by not only the swirling, twirling national election, but info and debate in our state races and all of the ads and hub-bub from two other states, New York and New Hampshire. Where ever you stand, I think it…
Potluck and PTO
It was great to see so many of you at our potluck and inaugural PTO meeting last week. our next PTO meeting is scheduled for October 13th at 7pm. 

Fall Fundraiser and Gathering
If you came out to last year's fundraiser, you'll remember the food, fun, and serious dance moves. We're looking to repeat the success of last year's par-tay. We will hold our 2016 event on November 5th from 2-5 pm, so save the date! This is a great way to shake off stick season, connect with other MVS families and of course contribute to upcoming projects here at school. More details will be coming soon!

School Closed on Friday 10/14
The annual VAEYC Conference is coming up and we will be closed on the 14th for our staff to attend. Some of you may have had an incorrect calendar reflecting the date and we apologize for the error. We will be closed on the 14th for this in-service time and open on 10/21. Thank you. 

The Marshmallow Test, Part I
Last weekend, both Sarah and Sam found thems…